Possessive Pronouns

Read the following sentences and see the words in bold.

1.I’d like to start my online fashion business, but mine targets on men.

2.Surely, it’s different from yours.

3.We usually sell ours during car free days and on special occasions, such as a night fair.

The words in bold are possessive pronouns. A possessive pronoun shows ownership. Unlike possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, our, their, its) which are followed by nouns, possessive pronouns stand on their own, without any nouns.

See the difference below.

Possessive Adjective

(my, your, his, her, our, their, its)

Possessive Pronoun

(mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs)

This is my house. This house is mine.
Is this your backpack? Is this backpack yours?
I borrow his hat. This hat is his.
We think her shoes are expensive. These branded shoes are hers.
This is our school. This big, clean school is ours.
Their thick books and magazines are on the table. These thick books and magazines are theirs.
I have a cat. Its fur is soft.

Using “Be” and “Have”

Read the following sentences and see to the words in bold.

1. I am Alfa Pradana Sakti.

  1. My mother, Mrs. Arumi, is a clerk and my father, Mr. Effendi, is a teacher.
  2. Mrs. Arumi and Mr. Effendi are Alfa’s parents.
  3. I have a younger brother named Beta Pradana Utama.
  4. I have an elder sister named Sekar Biru.
  5. So, Sekar Biru has two brothers, Alfa Pradana Sakti and Beta Pradana Utama.

Listen and repeat.

Mind your pronunciation and intonation.

Good morning, Mr. Riki and everybody. Allow me to introduce myself, Sir. My name’s Dewi Putri Sadewo. You may call me Dewi. I’m from Jambi. Here, I live with my grandparents at Jalan Kartini number 9. The house is painted light brown and there’s a rambutan tree in the front yard. It also has a large backyard. My friends and I play there at weekends. Please stop by when you pass my house. I’ll introduce you to them and we can play together. It must be fun.

Talking about hobbies, I love listening to music, cycling, swimming, and cooking. My favorite colors are light green and pink. I love chicken noodles, boiled sweet potatoes, and sauted kangkung. That’s about me. Thank you.

The following are expressions to introduce oneself and the responses.

Introducing Oneself Responding
Good morning. My name’s Bagus. What’s your name? Good morning, Bagus. My name’s Sofia.
Hello, I’m Dini. May I know your name, please? Hello, Dini. I’m Rona.
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name’s

Ernez Hernandes. You can call me Ernez. I’m from


Hello, Ernez. I’m Lestari. I’m from Yogyakarta. I stay with my

uncle’s family.

Hi, I’m Figo. I’m a student of Class X Social

Science 3. May I know you?

 Hi, Figo. I’m Gunawan. You may call me Wawan. I’m from Class

X Language 2.


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